Canica Gaur

Canica strongly advocates self-awareness and believes in the power of introspection. and believes in continuous learning and improvement.

As the Training Coordinator, she project manages all Hogan Development consulting projects at ThreeFish. She also program manages the Hogan Certification workshops, ensuring seamless registration and completion of all the pre-work for our Hogan Certified graduates.

Canica started her career in academics as a teacher with Amity Schools. She moved on to manage projects in corporates, government sector and non-profits. Canica brings with her experience in running projects, workshop management and client engagement.

Canica has a Master’s Degree in Economics from Jayoti Vidyapeeth Women’s University, Jaipur and a B. Ed from Amity University, Noida. She is now pursuing her Bachelor’s Degree in Law.

Canica is an avid reader, which helps in her constant endeavour to learn new things and find inspiration. She also loves to paint.

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