Leadership Learning

In the 70-20-10 model of leadership development, a wise boss once said to us that the relationship between these elements is "multiplicative and not additive". Keeping this in mind, our approach to building people and organization capability also involves leadership learning solutions. We pride ourselves in doing a few things well; and we partner with others to bring in expertise as needed.


Focus is on building foundational managerial skills that make it easier to lead people. This program is specifically targeted for first-level managers who would be managing individual contributors. The program is modular and can be tailored to the needs of the organization. On-the-job exercises and practices reinforce learning.

This is a one-day interactive class-room training for first time managers transitioning in to a managerial role. We assess managerial styles and create insights into strengths and gaps as a manager. Case studies, concepts and frameworks are used to reinforce the shift from "doing the work" to "getting the work done" through others. Basic skills of feedback and coaching will be introduced.
A highly effective, interactive, classroom training targeted for mid-level leaders who are typically managing managers or senior talent, where coaching skills are important for driving high performance. Focus in on driving the mindshift from "managing" to "coaching". Practice using the GROW Model of Coaching builds strong foundations of coaching skills, that can be easily transferred back to work.
All managers have to interview to build out their teams. Our one-day successful interviewing program will give them skills to write good interview questions, conduct effective interviews, and assess for candidate fit.
Depending on the organization need, we can develop custom leadership development solutions that can be implemented in a modular format.