Leadership 360®

Leadership 360° is an effective and comprehensive developmental tool that allows leaders to understand how they are impacting others. It is a safe and reliable way to help leaders understand both “what” and “why” of their behavior at workplace.


Leadership 360° is an online assessment of the Leadership competencies through 40 items. It takes 15-20 minutes to complete the assessment.

Leadership 360° is based on the Domain Model of Leadership (Hogan & Warrenfeltz, 2003) to assess behavior under four domains and ten underlying competencies

How you Behave

  • Resilience
  • Self-Awareness

How you Relate

  • Open communication
  • Building & Sustaining Relationships

How you Lead

  • Building Effective Teams
  • Managing & Developing Others
  • Creating & Driving Vision

How you Think & Plan

  • Achieving results
  • Analyzing & Solving Problems
  • Strategic Thinking
Leadership 360° has sound research and construct validity. Confidentiality of rater data is ensured through stringent rater anonymity norms.

An easy-to-understand yet detailed report is generated online. The report is actionable and development-focused, providing a clear idea of development areas, key issues, hidden strengths and blind spots, thus providing a well-rounded and robust view of one’s leadership behaviors.

We offer Group Insight Workshop and 1-1 Feedback Coaching to convert the 360° feedback into actionable insights for each participant.

Sample Leadership Development journey will include