Hogan Solutions

We leverage the Science of Personality to:

  • Help companies assess and develop their leadership talent.
  • Help leaders build strategic self-awareness and hone their leadership capabilities.
  • Help decision makers understand their decision biases and improve their judgment.
  • Help leadership teams become stronger, high performing teams.


Hogan Assessment solutions provide personality insights for development. Most value is derived when the results are interpreted in a confidential 1-1 feedback coaching session with an experienced, Hogan Certified coach. Focus is on building strategic self-awareness. The feedback coach reviews the bright side and dark side personality characteristics, and key motivators, and how these are impacting or likely to impact the participant's workplace effectiveness and career progression.

Hogan Feedback integrating 360 survey results
Sometimes, clients have their custom 360s which they would like integrated with the Hogan Assessment insights. 360 reports provide information on the "what" and Hogan Assessments provide insights into the "why" of their behavior. This enables deeper and broader insights.

Leader On-boarding Feedback
When Hogan Assessments have been used for selection assessment, the results can be shared with the newly hired leader and an experienced Hogan Certified Coach can interpret the results. Focus is on helping the leader evaluate his strengths and watch-outs in the context of transition into the new role.

Hogan Assessments are often used for senior leader selection and we can support you in making those critical hiring decisions. Experienced Hogan Certified Talent Management Consultant reviews candidates Hogan Assessment results in the context of the role description & success factors and prepares an Executive Summary of candidate strengths, challenges, and areas to probe. Positive and negative job fit and culture fit is discussed in a confidential 1-1 review with the CEO/CXO/HR Director.
Hogan assessment scales can be mapped to your organization's leadership competency model to predict potential to demonstrate those competencies.
One-day interactive session that helps participants understand their Hogan reports and convert these insights into Individual Development Plans. Typically, this is followed by 1-1 feedback session with an experienced Hogan Certified Coach.
One-day interactive workshop where we integrate individual and team level results to generate powerful insights for individual leadership effectiveness and driving team performance.
Two-day workshop targeted for mid-senior level leaders for whom Emotional Quotient is a major determinant of effectiveness. Hogan EQ report is used to create insights into current level of EQ. Through two-days of interactive sessions, reflective exercises, and hands-on practice, participants also learn skills to improve their EQ.
In a half-day interactive session, we work with mid-senior leaders to create strategic insights into their pre-decision and post-decision biases, how these can get in the way of their leadership effectiveness, and discuss mitigating strategies.