Case Studies

Presented below are brief snippets and overviews of some of our client engagements.


A leading strategy MNC global consulting firm needed coaching support for newly promoted Partners. They were running a global New Partner Development Program. The focus was on creating strategic self-awareness of strengths and gaps as they transitioned into the Partner role.

Participants completed the Hogan LEAD reports and a 360 feedback survey. Coaching process consisted of three 1-1 coaching sessions to understand and integrate the results, create targeted development plans and support first-steps towards development.

The coaching program was highly effective and has now been running for the last four years. The process has been expanded to include lateral hires at Partner level.

Top-team (VC, MD, Function Heads) of a Quick Service Restaurant Chain in India wanted to focus on their own development to dial-up their leadership capabilities and team synergy, in preparation for planned aggressive business growth.

We custom designed a program that consisted of classroom sessions, team coaching and 1-1 coaching. We engaged with them over a period of six months. Hogan Assessments were used to create individual and team level insights. The team was challenged and facilitated to look at their own contributions and behaviors. 1-1 coaching helped translate the insights into behavioral change at individual level.

At the end of the six-month engagement, team members had a strong alignment around a common purpose, understood each other at a deeper level, and were committed to behaviors that supported team performance.

A leading multi-national snacks food company was promoting high-potential managers to sales leadership positions for their four regions – East, West, North, South. Recognizing the challenge of this career transition, they engaged us as the "Transition Coach".

The Coaching process consisted of collecting stakeholder feedback, Hogan assessments, 360 feedback surveys and deep engagement with the Sales Director and the HR Director, two key stakeholders in the success of these internal candidates. Assimilation session with the team helped drive integration and alignment around a shared win for the team.

This resulted in faster ramp-up, avoiding of pitfalls, and feeling supported as they navigated this critical career transition. The program was successful and has since been used for other critical promotions.

Scenario 1: Pre-validated reports.
Leading Agro-business company in India wanted to use a psychometric tool to predict potential for success during campus recruitment. They used the Hogan Manager Express report to screen-in "best-fit" candidates.

Scenario 2: Research Based Custom Selection Profile
Leading QSR chain in India was going to rapidly expand the number of store outlets. They wanted a solution to predict potential for success in the Restaurant Manager role. We completed a Criterion Related Validation study to build a custom selection profile to screen-in "right fit" candidates.

Silicon valley IT start-up that was now entering it's maturity stage wanted to strategically approach leadership development. Focus was on assessing and developing leaders who would reinforce core values, build a strong culture and drive business performance.

Research consisted of interviews with the Founder, CEO, CXOs and sample of mid-level leaders to understand current and future business and leadership challenges. Focus groups were conducted with cross-section of employees to understand values in action, culture and drivers of leadership effectiveness and derailment. Leadership competency model was designed and validated.

Workshops conducted to create common understanding and alignment around the leadership competencies. Competency framework was integrated into the mid-year assessment and development process.

Development of the leadership competency model clearly defined drivers of leadership effectiveness and business performance. Mid-year development conversations were far more meaningful with actionable development plans being created. The framework has enabled the opportunity to build aligned leadership development initiatives in the future.

A leading Indian mobile telephone operations services provider wanted to refresh their Core Values for better alignment with the changed business scenario.

We embedded the Hogan MVPI into the culture definition process as an objective assessment of values in action. Extensive interviews and focus groups across the country helped articulate the Core values from both bottoms-up and top-down perspective, creating a lot of buy-in. We coached CEO and CXOs to build insights around their own behaviors and personal actions needed to reinforce the Core values. Workshops were conducted to cascade the values across the organization.

We partnered with a leading Indian MNC FMCG company in mapping the Hogan "Bright Side", "Dark Side" and "Inside" to their leadership competency model. They were interested in using these personality insights to inform leadership assessment and development. However, it was important for them to be able to map these to their leadership competency language.

Research consisted of interview, focus groups and close partnering with Hogan Research division to get a good mapping of Hogan scales to the organization's leadership competency model. We then prepared a desk-top reference guide and trained all the HR leaders in the interpretation of Hogan Assessments. We oriented a cross-section of senior leaders to Hogan scales and on how to use the desk-top reference guide. With this mapping and support tools, line and HR leaders are now incorporating Hogan based personality insights into leadership talent decisions, development planning and coaching.

As part of their integrated leadership development strategy, a leading television media company in India was interested in developing a learning program for their front-line leaders. We partnered with them to integrate and tailor some of our learning offerrings, to create a program that addressed their need.

Research consisted of interviews and focus groups with a cross-section of front line managers, manager of managers, and key leaders. Co-creation led to a program that has multiple class-room module. Self-paced learning and structured on-the-job experiences in between the modules reinforces learning and transfer back to work.
The program has been extremely well received. In-depth research and close creative partnering with the client has ensured program meets it's objectives.

One of our clients for many years has been an Indian company in the Agro business who runs manufacturing operations across Europe. The CEO was revamping his top leadership team.

We partnered with the CEO to help assess "fit" and areas to probe if there were any gaps during the candidate interviews. CEO has been using the Bright and Dark side measures of personality. He is very conversant with the scales, scores, and what it means.
Results have been extremely positive. There has been hardly any "bad attrition" in the new hires.