Executive Coaching

Our Executive Coaching solutions are focused on supporting business leaders are they learn to adapt their behaviors to become even more effective leaders. Our coaching solutions are integrated with other leadership development initiatives of our client companies. Close alignment with stakeholder expectations and business objectives ensures coaching success.


An effective coaching solution for your high potential employees, managers and leaders across all levels of the organization. Coaching that focuses on creating strategic self-awareness of personal strengths and weaknesses, aligning them to role challenges, defining development plans, and coaching support to follow-up on development plans. This is typically a one-year long coaching program, primarily over the phone, with specific number of pre-determined coaching calls. It complements any organization's on -going leadership development initiatives.

Focus is on driving behavioral change and supporting the coachees as they work on their development plans. Usually a 6-9 month engagement, typically at mid-senior levels of the organization. Alignment to business priorities and stakeholder expectations is a critical element of this program.
This is a solution for mid-senior leaders transitioning to a key role or making a transition to the next career stage. Our coaching helps leaders accelerate their ramp-up on the new job, avoid pitfalls and drive impact during the critical period. We facilitate assimilation of the new leader with his/her team, defining clear agendas, and supporting them through the transition. Transition engagements are typically of six months duration.
Research shows that while most managers and leaders are better prepared to manage the business issues associated with change (e.g., resource alignment, organization restructuring), they are often challenged when managing the people side of change. Coaching support can help managers and leaders address the people side of change, while balancing the business issues. These may be three-six month engagements.
Organizational success depends on how well "top teams" work together. Even the best of teams sometimes get stuck. Our team coaching solution helps teams get "unstuck". We begin with clarifying the team purpose and creating individual level self-awareness. We then facilitate and challenge team members to look at their contribution and behaviors and examine functional and psychological roles. We facilitate creation of shared norms and goals. We then support the team over a period of 6-9 months, with 1-1 and team coaching sessions, to evolve into a high performing team.
Our experience tells us that Coaching is most effective when it is programmatic, integrated as part of the overall leadership development strategy and closely aligned with business priorities. We can provide consulting support to help you develop an effective Coaching program for your organization.