Posted by Dr. Pradnya Parasher on 13 April, 2021

Personality Psychology Series

Learning Corner

In 2014, Hogan released a feature-length documentary, “The Science of Personality”. It brought together the foremost minds in personality psychology and the business world to explain what personality is and how it impacts leadership and organizational outcomes. If you missed it then, it is still a good watch, perhaps the best investment of 30-minutes, if the topic of personality in the workplace interests you.

With this, we are kicking off a 4-part learning series featuring Personality Theory and Theorists, including Freud, Jung, Horney, Allport, Murray, Watson, Skinner, Mead, Maslow, Erikson. Extracting from a brilliant text-book published some years ago by Hogan and Smither, this will be a mini-master class in Personality and Organizational Behavior.  Stay tuned…