Posted by Dr. Maninder Khalsa on 18 May, 2021

EQ Report

Product Spotlight

In these unprecedented times, we may experience anxiety and panic, particularly when we see the gloomy headlines that we are confronted with each day. We are required to deal with and manage our own internal emotional state. Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is the need of the hour, not only in today’s VUCA world but also while managing business challenges. In his book Working with Emotional Intelligence, Daniel Goleman reported that 80-90% of the competencies that differentiate top performers are in the domain of Emotional Intelligence.

Hogan’s EQ report, a scientifically validated tool to measure emotional intelligence, can help you with assessing your EQ and ways to improve it. Hogan Assessments have used the Science of Personality to objectively measure emotional intelligence.

This easy-to-understand report provides an overall EQ score measured across six competencies, as well as scores and interpretations for each of the six competencies:

Awareness: self-awareness about one’s own emotions

Detection: awareness of others’ emotions and thoughts

Regulation: ability to maintain positive emotional states

Influence: ability to intentionally affect others’ moods, thoughts, and behaviors

Expression: ability to effectively communicate desired emotional states to others

Empathy: ability to feel what others are feeling

The Hogan EQ report is based on the Hogan Personality Inventory (HPI) and Hogan Development Survey (HDS).

The EQ report captures details for each competency in three sections: a summary of likely behaviors exhibited by an individual; pros and cons in relation to leadership, teamwork & employability; and key questions to reflect.