Posted by Rucha Hardikar on 18 May, 2021

The Greater Good Science Center 

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Rucha Hardikar
ThreeFish Consulting

In the midst of finding ourselves in a second year of lockdown, isolation, stress and fear, it is so important to take stock of our own emotional well-being. As we worry about our loved ones in particular and the world around us in general, we must also stop to focus on ourselves. As someone who traveled frequently before the pandemic, the inflight safety instructions of "Put your own oxygen mask first before helping others" keeps coming to mind ... self-care is a must if we are to be strong for others! 

One of the resources that I have found recently to increase my own emotional resilience is the Greater Good Science Center by the University of California, Berkeley. Offering research-based insights on social and emotional well-being that can be applied in our personal and professional lives, the GGSC has free online courses and tons of articles. Many of you may already be very familiar with the GGSC and for those who are not, a great place to start might be a look at the Keys to Well-Being. The keys comprise 12 behaviors - altruism, awe, compassion, forgiveness, empathy, gratitude, social connection to name a few - that research suggests are the building blocks to individual and community health & happiness, and being able to create positive connections with others. 

As followers of a scientist-practitioner mindset at ThreeFish, I find that the GGSC mission aligns so beautifully and I highly recommend checking it out!  

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