Posted by Dr. Pradnya Parasher on 13 April, 2021

Finding Mastery by Dr. Michael Gervais

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Dr. Pradnya Parasher
Founder & CEO, ThreeFish Consulting

A few years ago, I discovered Finding Mastery, the Podcast created and run by Michael Gervais. Dr. Gervais calls himself a High Performance Psychologist. The podcast itself features “high performing” athletes, businesspeople, researchers. Gervais’s incisive questions take us deep into the mindset and practices that are enabling these individuals to be at their peak performance.

If you have read Satya Nadella’s Hit Refresh, you will remember Satya sharing how he invited Dr. Gervais to work with him and the Microsoft SLT to help them become a higher performing team.

The quest for high performance is a competition with self. To be the best of what you can be is about “getting comfortable with being uncomfortable”. What I love about the podcast is listening to the very human side of these almost “super-human” folks.

Admittedly, the podcast has mostly US and North America based folks. But the message is universal. Purpose, Passion, Performance are the 3Ps that drive us at ThreeFish. Finding Mastery provides powerful insights into achieving personal mastery.

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