Amrita Das Dutta

Amrita Das Dutta is an Associate Consultant with ThreeFish Consulting where her work focus is application of Hogan Assessments for coaching and program management.

She has completed her PhD in Organizational Behaviour from Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta. She also holds a B.Arch. degree from National Institute of Technology, Tiruchirapalli. The topic of her Doctoral Thesis was ‘Changes in the Environment and their Impact on Organizing of Theatre’. She had studied theatre organizations in Kolkata with the help of ethnography. Her topic was inspired by her stint in a theatre organization as a business development intern. In IIM Calcutta, Amrita has also served as a Teaching Assistant in an advanced course in Organizational Behaviour.

Amrita brings with her a passion for personality theory and keen sense of aesthetics. Prior to joining ThreeFish, Amrita was a Consultant in People Advisory Services with Ernst & Young, India. She has also worked with Hindustan Steelworks Construction Limited, where she was part of the CMD’s Secretariat, focusing on manpower trend analysis and environmental policy.

This avid foodie is also an excellent cook, and enjoys watching Neflix and playing chess in her spare time.